Next time, I’ll proof the proof!

Oh, lord, why did I ignore the advice to read the proof for my book thoroughly before approving it for publication. All I did was admire the title page and flip through the book to make sure the page numbers were in sequence. After I published Anthra’s Moon, a sharp-eyed reader found a few typosContinue reading “Next time, I’ll proof the proof!”

I’m not a marketeer

But my daughter-in-law and good friend, Samantha is. Damn, that girl is good. She’s taking over the social media/ marketing role and is designing a poster, postcards, and bookmarks for my book signing event for Anthra’s Moon. “You need a Facebook page,” she says. I nod and change my baby granddaughter’s diaper while Samantha happilyContinue reading “I’m not a marketeer”

Now I’m a marketeer

Or I better be one soon. My ideas to market Anthra’s Moon pretty much consisted of sending out a massive email alert when it went live on Amazon, creating an author’s page in Goodreads and Facebook, and throwing a book launch party an art gallery near my house. All this is fine, but I needContinue reading “Now I’m a marketeer”

Anthra’s Moon is live and Jutoh is my new best friend

I let her fly yesterday. Anthra’s Moon is on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook. What a long journey this has been! Writing the book was only the first step. But I’ve learned the process of publishing it and next time, as god is my witness, next time will be easier. For the paperback,Continue reading “Anthra’s Moon is live and Jutoh is my new best friend”

If it’s not one thing…

I’ve put aside compiling an ebook with Scrivener until I can resolve a few issues and instead am creating a print book first through CreateSpace. I watched a great video, “Formatting Documents for CreateSpace,” by India Drummond, which clearly explains the process of making a good looking print book. I write in Word, she usesContinue reading “If it’s not one thing…”