I’m not a marketeer

But my daughter-in-law and good friend, Samantha is. Damn, that girl is good. She’s taking over the social media/ marketing role and is designing a poster, postcards, and bookmarks for my book signing event for Anthra’s Moon.

“You need a Facebook page,” she says. I nod and change my baby granddaughter’s diaper while Samantha happily types away on her laptop, setting up my author’s page on Facebook and Goodreads. After that, she links my various author’s sites together: Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, and my website.

Next on her list is connecting me with QR codes, bar codes that can be displayed on posters, bookmarks, etc. that give people with smartphones instant access to my book on Amazon. I’m amazed by all this linkage. I thought I was computer savvy, but my skills are like drawing in the sand with a stick compared to Sam’s expertise.

Now I’m a marketeer

Or I better be one soon. My ideas to market Anthra’s Moon pretty much consisted of sending out a massive email alert when it went live on Amazon, creating an author’s page in Goodreads and Facebook, and throwing a book launch party an art gallery near my house.

All this is fine, but I need to do more to promote my book. And I need to do it effectively  and without being distracted from writing the next volume of Ysabel and her friends and their journey across a frozen ocean to find an island and a tree with leaves of pure gold.