One day I will love using Scrivener

I heard the learning curve was steep and yes, it is! I’ve read the manuals and watched a lot of how-to videos on youtube and still can’t get it to compile my ms the way I want it as an ebook. What I’m trying to do is add the acknowledgements as a separate page, runContinue reading “One day I will love using Scrivener”

Scrivener, my preciousss

Scrivener not only looks like a great app for composing and organizing any writing project, but also will compile a manuscript into whatever format is required for an ebook, a paperback, screenplay, etc. An essential tool for self-publishing. I’ve watched a few videos on youtube and think the hardest part of using this program willContinue reading “Scrivener, my preciousss”

Self-publishing: taking the big step

My book, Anthra’s Moon, is at the editor’s for (I hope) a final read through, the cover art is ready, now all I have to do now is learn how to publish it myself. This is the business side, figuring out the best format to use for ebook and hard copy, buying an ISBN, settingContinue reading “Self-publishing: taking the big step”