If it’s not one thing…

I’ve put aside compiling an ebook with Scrivener until I can resolve a few issues and instead am creating a print book first through CreateSpace.

I watched a great video, “Formatting Documents for CreateSpace,” by India Drummond, which clearly explains the process of making a good looking print book. I write in Word, she uses Word, so I was confident that this part, at least, I could do. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FzvtxK686c

But first I had to update my software because I’m running the 2004 version of Word that doesn’t have the useful features that India uses in her video tutorial. So I bought the 2011 version today and tried to install it.

And it doesn’t work. Not because there’s anything wrong with the disc, but because the disc player in my older laptop has suddenly stopped working.

So that needs to get fixed.

I’m not sure what gnashing one’s teeth feels like, but I think that’s what I did yesterday as I listened to my dead disc player whirr and stop, whirr and stop, etc. Not a good time for the dog to come trotting out of the guest room with a chewed up and very wet ball of my new yarn hanging from his teeth.

Update: The solution to the broken disc player is to use an external dvd drive. They’re inexpensive and I don’t have to pour more money into the old laptop.

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