Anthra’s Moon is live and Jutoh is my new best friend

I let her fly yesterday. Anthra’s Moon is on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook. What a long journey this has been! Writing the book was only the first step. But I’ve learned the process of publishing it and next time, as god is my witness, next time will be easier.

For the paperback, I used CreateSpace. The process was fairly easy, though a little confusing at times, but their very responsive support team helped me through the rough  parts.

I initially tried Scrivener to compile the manuscript for paperback and ebook and found it too complicated for my simple needs and switched to Jutoh, which I discovered while watching another great video by India Drummond: How to Format .epug and .mobi Ebook Files (

This is a great app! The ms was compiled in no time and uploaded to Amazon.

On to book two of Ysabel the Summoner. She’s waiting. She’s saying, quit worrying about whether nor not people will like or even read your book and write me into life again.

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