Tree of Christmas Present

This sad little tree is taking the place of the tall nobles of Christmas’ past. There’s no fresh smell of a pine forest filling the living room this year, just this fake little thing perched on the end of the mantle.

sad tree

Add bright lights, a few ornaments and it’s almost festive. happy tree

And it’s out of reach of this sweet-faced kitty who is the reason we’re not putting up a big tree this year. She would happily claw her way up a fully decorated tree, knocking off ornaments and lights until she brought the whole thing crashing down.


She’d blame the puppy.


Who chases her and eats her food, so she has a point.

A manta ray in moonlight

Ball o yarn
Ball o yarn

My hands have been filled with this sparkly stuff for weeks (the white flecks are silver threads). Dream in Color Starry is nice to knit but a little stiff. I’ve read that it softens with washing.

It’s now a Shaelyn Shawl that I made as a Christmas present for my nice DIL (don’t peek, Sam!). I knitted six repeats instead of four and added an extra lace border. This is my first lace shawl. It’s likely to grow after blocking, but I can always frog back if it’s too long. It should be a delicate shawl, not a blanket.   Shaelyn unblocked

Self-publishing: taking the big step

My book, Anthra’s Moon, is at the editor’s for (I hope) a final read through, the cover art is ready, now all I have to do now is learn how to publish it myself.

This is the business side, figuring out the best format to use for ebook and hard copy, buying an ISBN, setting a price of my book, and marketing it which probably means more of an effort than emailing a note to every person I’ve ever known.

Where are those helpful elves who are supposed to do this for me!