Letting go is hard

Gah! I have to change the name of a key character in Anthra’s Moon. Her name is Alys. In the possessive, it’s Alys’s. I don’t like the look of it on the page and stumble over it when I read it out loud.

I’m fiddling with a list of names to replace Alys: Ava, Aviana, Lira, Lyra, Lara, Larra? Once I change it another name might be affected, so I’ll have to consider changing that name, too. This could go on forever.

I’m fiddling because letting go is hard. My story soon will be out in the world, all alone without me to protect it. I think that’s why the advice to start the next project right away is valuable. We need something to do while our progeny is out there, flying sightless into the arms of strangers. Who we hope will be kind.

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