In the deep

My next book of Ysabel the Summoner is set deep underwater in the realm of mermaids. Their dark world is lit by bioluminescent creatures. The jellyfish can be gorgeous:   This is a siphonophore, a colony of hundreds of jellies living along a central core. The fireworks display are the toxic, bioluminiscent tentacles used toContinue reading “In the deep”

Perseverance, or do I hafta?

It’s raining heavily this morning. The gutters are overflowing and it sounds like I’m living under a waterfall. I feel hammered by the rain. I can’t focus, my current story feels overworked, and I’m tired of my characters. I’m experiencing letdown after sending out query letters for Queen of Incense. Five days later, I’ve receivedContinue reading “Perseverance, or do I hafta?”

Writing authentically

I read a recent Esquire interview with Michael Keaton and was struck by his comment on being authentic, of his efforts to create something original: “Over the years, I think, people—actors, writers, whatever—lose their frame of reference. Their frame of reference is based on somebody else who did this or did that. Performances. So itContinue reading “Writing authentically”

Like Johnny Cash, we’ve been everywhere

We’ve been to: Florence, Gaston, Forest Grove, Yamhill Vernonia, Damascus, Gresham, West Linn, Hillsboro, Yachats, Aurora, North Plains, Sisters, Milwaukie, Cottage Grove, Lebanon, Oregon City, Canby, Corbett, Redmond. We’ve been everywhere. It’s about time to slip on a pair of red shoes, click my heels and proclaim there’s no place like home.