Queen of Incense

Who was the famous Queen of Sheba? 3,000 years ago she traveled across the vast Arabian Desert carrying a magnificent treasure in frankincense and gold to King Solomon in Jerusalem. Her legendary visit with the king has been portrayed in books, paintings, symphonies, movies, and religious texts, yet there’s no evidence she actually existed.

Perhaps she did, and perhaps this is her story.


Anthra’s Moon

Ysabel hadn’t planned on becoming a hero, but when a gigantic bird called the Anthra abducts a baby princess in Ysabel’s care, it’s up to 14-year-old Ysabel  to save the child before the rising of the full moon, Anthra’s Moon, when the great bird will feed the helpless baby to her newly hatched chicks. Along with her two companions, an old soldier and a friendly giant, Ysabel travels across a dangerous land battling an evil enchantress, poisonous snakes, ferocious sawfish, and fire-breathing birds.

And then she faces the Anthra.


The Anthra is based on Argentavis Magnificens, a prehistoric bird that lived 6 million years ago in Argentina. At its height it stood over eight feet tall with a 25-foot wingspan. It soared on the winds, could dive at speeds of 150 mph, and carry off a full-sized ox. She’s a worthy adversary for a 14-year-old girl.








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